Promoting Decentralized Water Solidarity principles through the GWS Certificate.

All GWS Members agree with the principles of Decentralized Water Solidarity. In light of it, GWS has developed a certification tool for the recognition, promotion and motivation of existing and future decentralized water solidarities. The Certificate is issued to national platforms for decentralized solidarity in water and sanitation sector or specific international initiatives based on the fulfillment of the principles of decentralized cooperation and of the territorial approach to development.

1st Label for Decentralized Water Solidarity to Solidarit’eau Suisse

UNDP and GWS granted their first certificate for DWS recognition to Solidarit’eau Suisse, the Swiss national platform of decentralized solidarity mechanisms, one of GWS founding members and most proactive partners. Following an extensive analysis and review of their mechanisms, projects and activities, specifically in Afghanistan, Mauritania and Ecuador, GWS concluded the successful application of its standards and criteria by the solidarit’eau suisse.

The Certificate is therefore granted to those members and partners who are upholding the principles of human rights approach to water, universality, subsidiarity, harmonization, mutual accountability, leverage and sustainability (institutional, environmental and financial).

The Certificate aims to help and support its recipients’ in promoting decentralized water solidarity when interacting with their local institutions. Its holders are allowed to carry the UNDP and GWS logos within their communication activities.

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