Daegu, Rep. of Korea, 12th-17th April 2015

Global Water Solidarity (GWS) convened on behalf of UNDP a thematic session carrying the title 'Innovative financing for small and decentralized water and sanitation operators and actors', Being the only thematic session dedicated to the local level decentralized financing in water and sanitation sector. The GWS is especially proud of having as the speaker of honor the EU Commissioner for the International Cooperation and Development, Mr. Neven Mimica who emphasized a firm institutional support by the EU Commission for the scope of its local level activities, underlining the great potential of the innovative solidarity financing for water supply and sanitation sector.

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During the Forum the GWS granted the Certificate for Decentralized Water Solidarity to pS-Eau one of GWS founding members. The certificate acknowledges and recognizes pS-Eau full compliance with the GWS' territorial approach criteria and principles within their local level scope of activities and projects.

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Finally, GWS organized a side event where the panelists discussed on how to achieve sustainable results in decentralized solidarity cooperation in water and sanitation sector.

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