Feasibility study for the implementation of decentralized cooperation mechanisms Morazán and San Miguel Regions

Torola River Basin

The purpose of the study is to define a good water governance model at the local and national
levels for the implementation of the new legal framework for water in El Salvador. This study
focuses in the Morazán and San Miguel Regions, around the Torola River Basin.

The study:

  • Identifies potential water users in the Basin and the type of services needed to meet future demands
  • Identifies the key water stakeholders actors in the Basin (public and private), as well as their existing or potential synergies
  • Asesses the management models of the water bodies at the local level and their impact
  • Systematizes good practices , in particular the project "Improving water management in the Torola River Basin" , and proposes a model for good water governance at the territorial level
  • Identifies potential technical and financial support at the international level to strengthen good water governance in the Basin.

The study is available in French only.


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