GWS implements a methodology based on the human right to water with a territorial approach, harmoniously  identifying interventions at the local level  and offering solutions combining endogenous  knowledge with external expertise and support. 

As UNDP’s leading platform to promote decentralized cooperation in the water and sanitation sector, GWS follows a human rights approach to water, based on the 2010 General Assembly resolution on the human right to safe drinking water and sanitation. The resolution specifically called on States and international organizations “to provide financial resources, build capacity and transfer technology, particularly to developing countries, in scaling up efforts to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all” (Resolution 64/292).


How does the territorial and multilevel approach of GWS work? Example from El Salvador

Approach: territorial, participatory, long-term and integrated in local planning promotes ownership

Methodology: aligned to national priorities, innovative and aimed at making the initiative a public policy promotes alignment and sustainability.

Added Value: international multi-donor and multi-stakeholder platform promotes harmonization and coordination among development actors and sustainability of their actionsxx

From a methodological perspective, GWS upholds a territorial approach, taking into account the territories' endogenous potential, identity and needs; integrates water interventions within existing —or developing— territorial local development plans; and strives to promote crosscutting, inclusive and participatory interventions.

GWS methodology allows to strategically identify and prioritize local demands in a concerted and participatory way, namely through local planning exercises that support the territories' development plans and priorities —comprising water—, in a coordinated manner. By contributing to bring together all key local stakeholders, water development partners (bilateral and decentralized) and representatives of the national level, GWS pushes forward water solutions that are demand-driven, negotiated, locally owned, and that combine endogenous knowledge with external expertise and support. This leads to less fragmentation and overlap, more ownership and accountability, and therefore more impact and effectiveness.


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