It is the diversity of its partners, their commitment to work together for a common goal and their combined manifold experiences that constitute the most important general added value of GWS. 

GWS facilitates a reciprocal, mutually enriching approach to water development cooperation and has become a databank of solutions in the water sectorcombining the territorial approach to development and a concrete operational framework that delivers tangible results and capitalizes on the immense and unique potential of each territory.

GWS has not only become an “innovation laboratory” but also an “implementing agent” able to generate solutions born of joint reflection and specialized knowledge.

The added value of GWS can be broken down in line with its three cornerstones:

As an institutional and articulation platform, GWS:

  • Harmonizes actors and actions, matching international expertise and resources (both financial and technical) with local demands and national priorities,
  • Provides a tested legal, operational and administrative framework for GWS partners,
  • Ensures that water and sanitation issues are incorporated into the wider sustainable human development objectives and strategies at the global, national and local levels.


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As a knowledge hub, GWS:

  • Specializes in knowledge management and exchange
  • Creates a global community of practice and expertise


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As an agent for innovative fundraising, GWS:

  • Facilitates innovative fundraising from decentralized, bilateral and multilateral donors


The Platform’s territorial approach to development:

  • Reinforces processes of local development planning
  • Facilitates dialogue among various local level actorsand between these and the national and global levels
  • Promotes a structured dialogue between territories and South-South, North-South and Triangular Cooperation on water issues
  • Provides a process-oriented, long-term perspective to water and sanitation interventions,.
  • Ensures the inclusion of traditionally marginalized groups in water and sanitation interventions

The active networking and sharing of expertise is one of the notable added values of GWS, well in line with the growing importance of sharing knowledge and competencies, as opposed to the mere transfer of funds with no associated capacity-building activities.



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