Articulating GWS—a thematic platform dedicated to promoting decentralized partnerships in water and sanitation— and ART, a consolidated multisectorial network of alliances for development cooperation, will considerably enhance the added value of both platforms, ultimately maximizing their impact on the ground.

The ART Initiative

Acknowledging the importance of the sub-national level and the need to change the development paradigm from a top-down, donor-beneficiary approach to a bottom-up, partners-colleagues perspective, UNDP mainstreamed ART in its strategies on local development.

ART offers a tested multilateral framework to assist in identifying the needs and demands of the territories and in making their voices heard. Currently, ART collaborates with around 1,600 decentralized cooperation partners and 40 regional networks and associations from the South and the North of the world.

Through ART, a global UNDP programme that promotes sustainable human development at the local level, UNDP has engaged in a strategic partnership with decentralized cooperation actors on multiple thematic areas. Global Water Solidarity builds on this approach and works in a complementarity with ART, while bringing decentralized cooperation actors together in the field of water and sanitation.

The partnership between GWS and ART is both timely and needed: the territorial approach will improve effectiveness of cooperation in water and sanitation and the cost-efficiency of interventions. It will also reduce the risks of fragmentation and of sector-specific, one-off projects that are not carried out within local development plans. Finally, an alliance between GWS and ART can provide water partners with a wider-ranging platform to boost and articulate alliances, leverage resource mobilization, manage knowledge and ultimately contribute to the universal right to water and sanitation.



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